Win More! Play Longer!

Silver Strike Casino offers daily promotions on our casino floor and in our Ranch House Restaurant!

Current Promotions

2X The Points

Saturday 12 pm – 12 am we are giving you 2 times the points to play longer and win more.

Cash Extravaganza

Friday 6 pm Р10 pm and Saturday 12 pm Р10 pm Spin the weel to see what your prize will be.

Cash Extravaganza players are selected every half hour during the promo using the Super Playmate random winner selector (randomly chooses carded players) to spin the wheel to determine their prize . The wheel is color coded. If they land on white they get $25.00 cash. If they land on yellow they get $50.00 cash. If they land on Orange they get to play Plinko or double puck Plinko and win up to $200.00.  (The Player gets two pucks if they pick an 8 through King from a deck of Cards. The Player gets one puck if they pick and ace through seven). If they land on Blue the play take it or leave it. ( Keno balls in blower marked with $ amounts form $5.00 to $1000.00. Player get up to 5 chances. If they land on Green they get to Play cool cash at the Bingo Machine. The ball drawn corresponds to a chart that determines what each ball is worth up to $1000.00.

Bingo Blitz

With games running every day you can win up to $10,000 just pick your lucky day and card.